Wednesday, March 24, 2010

World Water Day

It has been pouring rain in Boston. The weather feels appropriate since Monday was World Water Day. Every year, this day highlights global issues regarding access to safe, drinkable water. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), there are several ways in which gardeners can help preserve this precious resource and prevent polluted runoff. Whenever possible, we should use natural fertilizer such as compost, manure, bone meal or peat. In addition, using drip irrigation systems and soaker hoses will prevent overwatering our lawns and gardens. Decreasing impervious surfaces will also lessen the load on our public sewer systems and improve drainage into the soil. Finally, NRDC recommends maintaining septic systems properly - they should be cleaned out every three to five years to prevent contaminating the local groundwater. This year, I am going to take advantage of this crazy New England weather by installing rain barrels on our downspouts. Come summer, we'll have extra water from Mother Nature to irrigate with.
To learn more about how we can clean up our water go to

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