Sunday, January 31, 2010

Horticulture at work

Although most people create pleasing home environments, we often neglect our work places. The same is true for gardeners. The only greenery on my design table is a struggling pothos. So I have turned to my friend and fellow co-worker, Carl Johnson, for inspiration. For the last ten years, he has been tending a small forest of Norfolk Island Pines behind his desk. His hardy beneficiaries are glossy and lush despite typical office-air quality, low humidity and sparse lighting. Carl says he routinely waters his plants once a week but not much more. They have indirect light from an east-facing window and have stayed happily planted in their original pots. (I also think Carl's positive energy has something to do with their health and longevity.) During the holidays, the pines are festively decorated. Small red velvet bows are tied on the end of every branch like a little girl's braids. Last but not least he has a "retirement meter" on the wall. Once the tree tops hit the mark, it is time to move on. I hope his plants don't grow too fast. I like having Carl and his pines around.

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  1. I like this ... air quality indoors is very important and plants can help a great deal!